“More and 上海419论坛more women are keen on buying houses.” After investigating the purchase of houses in 12 first-and second-tier cities

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“More and more women are keen on buying houses.” After investigating the purchase of houses in 12 first-and second-tier cities of Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Suzhou and Xi’an, nearly 1,000 women aged 18-50, the report on women’s settlements in 2019 published by Shell Search for Housing United Urban Express points out this trend.
According to the report, the proportion of female buyers reached 46.7% in 2018, while the proportion of female Buyers was only about 10% in 2012. In 2018, the proportion of female home buyers reached the highest level in the past seven years, close to the proportion of male home buyers. Among them, the proportion of young women over the age of 30 who buy houses is increasing year by year.
In terms of investment in house purchase, 31.5% of young women over 30 years old who buy houses in first-tier cities choose to buy houses in full, which is the highest proportion among the four ways of investment in house purchase, including provident fund loans, commercial loans and combination loans. In addition, the proportion of young women over 30 years old who buy houses in second-tier cities is 35.7%, and young women over 30 years old in second-tier cities prefer commercial loans (57.5%). In addition, both the first-tier city and the second-tier city under the age of 30 female home buyers, tend to preferred commercial loans.
From the perspective of living conditions, two-bedroom is the preferred type of household for female buyers. In addition, young women over 30 years of age prefer to live in three places, young women under 30 years of age prefer to live in one place, and the property of just need is more obvious.
“Have a room and feel safe”
Wu Yiqian, a 24-year-old who returned to her hometown in Guangdong after graduating from university last year to engage in residential tourism, has not yet bought a house, but the cause of buying a house is within the scope of her planned life. This idea is especially true recently. For the past two months, it has become her model program to follow her parents to the new buildings in the small town every weekend.
A year ago, Wu Yiqian might have been surprised at her idea. After all, her best friend in college described her as “unconstrained and indulgent in love and freedom.” I don’t know why so many people pay so much for a house.
Maybe now she understands. “There’s room, there’s security, there’s home.” When asked why she wanted to buy a house, she answered.
Although Wu Yiqian has her own room at home, she says she still wants to have a completely personal space that can keep a certain distance from her native family, “so that she feels like a more independent individual.”
Similarly, the explanation of wanting to get a sense of security by buying a house and thanking Yanyi this year is more direct: “Wanting to have a small world of one’s own will not be swept out of the house or anything.” The potential implementers of “sweeping her out of the house” include her parents, landlords and future partners, she added.
“Because I’m not sure if my future partner has a house or has the ability to buy a house, I buy it myself first. I think it’s good. Anyway, it’s pre-marital property.” Liang Xiaoying, a post-90s girl who has worked for more than three years, now owns a two-room and one-room property in Tianhe, Guangzhou.
Last September, the family began to suggest that Liang Xiaoying buy a house in Guangzhou. In October, she basically settled down. It took more than a month, “There’s so much money in all, and there’s nothing to choose from. Considering the future self-occupancy, when buying a house, we mainly look at the location, transportation and surrounding supporting factors.”
After the family helped to pay down, Liang Xiaoying currently pays 8,000 yuan a month. For her stable job, after buying a house, the financial pressure is not too great. “It’s a big deal to eat a little, just to lose weight.”
In fact, behind the feminine housing craze is the promotion of women’s economic strength. According to the survey report on the current situation of Chinese women’s workplace published by Zhaopin, the average monthly income of men in 2019 was 9,467 yuan, while that of women was 7,245 yuan. Although the average salary gap between men and women is still 23%, it has been greatly reduced compared with the gap of 30% to 40% in previous years.
In addition, Liang Xiaoying believes that family support is also an important driving factor. “Our generation is basically the only child. In my opinion, daughters and sons are no worse, and the money earned by parents for decades is to be given to her. Several of the company’s female colleagues who are still single at present have more or less the intention of buying a house.
Real Estate Businessmen Begin to “Understand Women’s Heart”
This “feminine power” of the real estate market has been perceived by real estate developers and has taken acti



“Women have always been a decisive force in our industry.” Liu Ce, research director of Jiazhaoye Group, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post.
Beijing Youth Daily Guang Xia Times and a large data report jointly launched by 58 city residents and settlers also pointed out that women have more and more voice in the purchase of houses. About 65.2% of respondents believe that women play a decisive role in the process of buying houses. In addition, compared with men, women pay more attention to the appearance, interior decoration and landscape of the house.
Yang Jiaxin, who successfully purchased a real estate in his hometown in Guangdong during the past Qingming vacation, acknowledged the differences between men and women when buying houses and the attractiveness of exquisite models to women.
Yang Jiaxin’s last building was the third one his family had seen during the Qingming holidays. She said that while looking at the house, her father was discussing apartment type, lighting and transportation with the sales department, while her mother and herself were totally convinced by the river in the district.

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