Why does the上海419论坛 DPP arch Korea? Don’t you worry about Korea’s Yoga Blue Challenge 2020?

Taiwan. com, China, April 13. Koreayo, Mayor of Kaohsiung, KMT, delivered a speech at the Fei Zhengqing China Research Center of Harvard University on the morning of 12 Taipei Time. Lin Shoushan, a former KMT legislator who worked as an associate researcher at the centre, observed that Korean Yo had gone to the United States to talk about municipal affairs. The specifications of Korean Yo had surpassed those of local leaders, but was it as if overseas Chinese cheered for the election of 2020? Lin Shoushan put forward the observation that we should think about why the DPP is also in Korea. Because they are waiting for Korea Yo to jump down, and “love is enough to harm”.
In response to the “Korean Wave” attack on the United States, overseas Chinese Gong Han “elected 2020 to save Taiwan”, Lin Shoushan said that the Kuomintang and its supporters had high expectations of Korean Yo, but sometimes “the right love is harmful enough”, and prodigies who jump to grade school tend to live harder in universities. It’s like a platoon leader who has not been baptized by battalion commander, brigade commander or regiment commander to assume the role of commander, which is not necessarily good for both individuals and troops.
Lin Shoushan said that Korean Yo’s visit to the United States opened up personal and Kaohsiung’s popularity, but people still focused on whether he would run for 2020. On this issue, Lin Shoushan put forward “external” and “internal” factor analysis.
First of all, in terms of external factors, Lin Shoushan believes that the current Sino-US trade frictions are intensifying, and Taiwan’s role in the Asia-Pacific region is even more important. Now the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) primary election has entered a hand-to-hand fight over Cai Lai, but a recent video conversation with Cai English by American think tanks shows that Cai Lidao is more than ever. In the past, the United States never intervened in Taiwan’s party primary election, but under the premise of the US-China game, it can be clearly observed that the US side “Baocai” outperformed “Tiaolai”.
Internally, Lin Shoushan calls on the KMT and Korean fans to think more rationally. Why does the DPP not worry about the challenge of Korea’s Yoga Blue Robe to 2020? He heard many voices of persuasion at the grass-roots level, but a larger part of the public did not want the mayor of Kaohsiung to leave Kaohsiung soon after Yodang. South Korean Yo has just been in office for more than 100 days, but has the municipal government budgeted for the next year? Has the Director’s Personnel Case been filled? The municipalities of each bureau need to be decided by Korea Yoshi, but the head of the bureau can not see Korea for a few days a week. These works have not been done well, which is detrimental to the expectation of Kaohsiung citizens that Korea will put t



he Municipality on track.
Lin Shoushan said that the DPP is very good at elections, and they are now watching the changes, waiting for the announcement of the return of South Korea Yo to stand for election or be called up by the KMT to compete for 2020. Korea Yo’s polls are now ahead of the rest of the world, but can they stay ahead until January 11, 2020?
Lin Shoushan said that Korean Yo should calm down and think about 2020. He reiterated that many Korean fans are trapped in “the right love is harmful enough”. If Korean Yo wants to run for office, he will face overwhelming doubts. The achievements of the previous three months’efforts to fight for Kaohsiung will also be transferred to pave the way for big power.
Lin Shoushan said that the Democratic Progressive Party and so on is the moment when Korea Yo jumps down to choose 2020! If Korean Yo really chooses to run, the pressure and doubts will be very intense, not to mention the Kuomintang “legislator” nomination, campaign funding needs Korean Yo. Now all the chickens in the Kuomintang are looking at him, hoping to get the halo and media effect of “Korean Wave” from him. Once he enters the kitchen and has a stand, the Party comrades who are not loved will be dissatisfied and even run out to pull their hind legs. This is the beginning of the real test of Korean Yo.
Observing Korean Yo’s speech, Lin Shoushan believes that Korean Yo’s speech at Harvard is smooth, but there are not many bright spots, many of which he has spoken in Taiwan, but only translated into English for American scholars to listen to. Korean Yo should take good care of his health and cultivate Kaohsiung deeply, take root deeply and weigh the pros and cons of running for 2020.
Lin Shoushan said, “Just how many credible and usable teams are there beside Korean Yo?” How many staff dare to tell the truth? This is another matter.

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