Hisense is launching four new spring TV products, and will soon launch “Social TV”Hisens419论坛e is launching four new spring TV products, and will soon launch “Social TV”

On April 15, Hisense launched four new spring TV products successively, namely U8, OLED TV A8, U7 and VIDAA TV on AI Picture Search. Ren Jialun serves as the recommendation officer for new products of Hisense Television in spring.
Among them, U8 series of new super-picture TV products make the BM area (black area around the TV screen that can not display images) the narrowest 3.5mm in the world, with 98.74% of the screen, which further expands the effective display area of TV.
According to Hisense AI Engineer Gauss Tai, another new Hisense U7 TV product is based on image recognition and big data technology to create a small gathering map, which can achieve 0.1 second image recognition, 13 kinds of life scene recognition, 95% of mainstream star recognition and 99% of commodity recognition through remote control image search keys. U7 is also the first frame-by-frame processing AI audio-visual quality tuning television, which can automatically adjust the environment, film type and picture content in full-time and full-scene picture quality and sound quality. In addition to the most basic voice outgoing programs, there are 84 life scene services built-in, such as inquiring about real-time weather conditions, air quality, children’s education, games, shopping and other functions. Six dialects including Cantonese, Shanghai dialect and Minnan dialect are also provided.
In addition, Hisense also released the new OLED TV product A8. The fuselage of the product is only 3.7mm, with no frame and full screen. The screen has spontaneous sound, which is further strengthened in the aspects of residual shadow protection, dark field and color precision. In terms of price, 55 inches is 10,999 yuan and 65 inches is 23,999 yuan.
Wang Wei, general manager of Haixin Electrical Appliance Marketing Company, said that in 2019, Haixin will restart the VIDAA sub-brand plan. Among them, Hisense is the first brand of high-end TV in China. It



mainly focuses on laser TV, ULED, OLED and other high-end large-screen products. VIDAA brand takes e-commerce as a platform to provide young people with the main trend design, excellent quality TV, audio and related trend peripheral products.
Hisense also revealed that it will soon launch its first social TV S7. This is a new social TV product with a telescopic camera and six video calls. It can be used to watch, chat and play while watching. It may be launched earlier than the rumored Huawei TV product.

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