KMT’s latest poll: Korea Yo won 上海419论坛in support of King Chu’s Sum

According to the latest KMT poll, Korean Yo is more supportive than Julien Wang Jinping. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)
According to Taiwan’s “China Times” on April 14, the island’s 2020 “general election” is approaching. With the momentum of last year’s “nine-in-one” election, several “suns” in Blue Camp have declared that they are competing for the primary election of Taiwan’s leaders within the party. Meanwhile, there are voices within the party, hoping that the popular Mayor of Kaohsiung, Korea Yu, will run for election. According to the latest poll of Wangwang Zhongshi Media Group, among the KMT candidates, Korean Yo, former Mayor Zhu Lilun of Xinbei, former “Legislative President” Wang Jinping and former Taipei County Governor Zhou Xiwei won 34.6% popular support and were far ahead, while Zhu and Wang had 16.4% and 16.1% support respectively, which together still lagged behind Korean Yo.
In the latest poll commissioned by Wangwang Zhongshi Group from April 10 to 11, which one do you support for “those who want to run for the 2020 general election in the Kuomintang at present are Koreayo, Chu Lilun, Wang Jinping and Zhou Xiwei?” “The results show that Korean Yo has the highest support rate of 34.6%. Zhu Lilun and Wang Jinping have only 16.4% and 16.1% respectively betw



een Bo Zhong and Zhou Xiwei, while Zhou Xiwei has only 0.4%. Another 15.2% said they do not support or support other candidates, and 17.3% did not express their support.
Detailed analysis shows that Korean Yo’s support is higher than the other three candidates regardless of gender, age, educational background or region. Zhu Lilun has a high degree of support in 40-49 years old and 50-59 years old, which is 25.5% and 22% respectively. In the degree support part above graduate school, 30.5% goes hand in hand with Korean Yo, while 22.5% and 17.2% in college and University respectively. It is obvious that he is popular among the high-educated group. Regionally, peach and bamboo seedlings received higher support, followed by North-North Base.
Wang Jinping is the most attractive in Yunjianan, with 21.2% support, winning 10.5% of Julien’s, only after Korea Yo’s 31.4% and 15% of Julien’s in Gaoping with 16.8% support. In terms of age, Wang Jinping outperformed Zhu Lilun in terms of support between 20 and 29 years old, 60 to 69 years old and over 70 years old.
The poll was conducted from April 10 to 11 with 1014 valid samples. Under 95% confidence level, the sampling error is positive or negative 3.1 percentage points.

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