One上海419 Day: Stories keep happening, and life goes on.

About the different life stories of three girls in the same city, as well as their love feelings. Seemingly the same plain life, but there are different waves.

The city is very big. Although we don’t know each other, we may have passed by on the road.
The first story——
The encounter of a book, the l419论坛ove of a day, the 上海419university period is such, want to do what you want to 上海419do, promise once419论坛 made, the heart is all hope to achieve, yes, high ocean snow day to find Baiying.~



The second story——
The ignorant love in adolescence has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to do anything when you are timid, but once you are bold, you can say it happily. In secret love with each other, there must be a person who takes the initiative to take a step further. That is, Minghui has made two steps forward when she takes a step back, and the distance has also been shortened.~

The third story——
The original promise, under the torment of reality, is likely to be wiped out. No one can leave anyone. Lost love is not terrible, as long as it survives, a person’s life can also have a taste.~

On this day, we see the real one another, and forever engraved in life… Huohe big picture color is as beautiful as ever, fresh, like a wisp of spring breeze, healing the hearts of people.

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