Black hole photographs become “上海419论坛gold-sucking black hole”, related stocks open and fall.

Recently, the astronomical community has made a major breakthrough in the research of black holes. A black hole photograph produced by the European Southern Observatory has become a hot topic in the media.
Old shareholders are generally well aware that in this case, stocks that stick to the “black hole concept” may be speculated.

Black Hole Imagination
But surprisingly, a “black hole concept” stocks, not only did not rise sharply, but opened on April 12, falling and stopping, severely pressed by hundreds of thousands of hand-sealed sheets on the drop board.
What’s the matter?
The reason is in this black hole picture.
The photograph, completed by international cooperation, took more than 200 researchers worldwide for two years. According to some agencies, the cost of making the photograph is estimated to be about $60 million.
China’s observatories and research institutes also participated. According to Chinese researchers, it was very hard and dangerous for them to go to the mountains at an altitude of 4,000 meters.
As we know from common sense, this photo, which was completed by global cooperation, should belong to the common wealth of all mankind, and anyone can use it reasonably.

However, a listed company, not knowing whether it was for profit or for what purpose, actually put the black hole photo on a commercial website and claimed that the photo had copyright and that other people had to pay for its use.
At first, the European Southern Observatory publicly stated to the media that the listed company had never contacted them, of course, there was no copyright for black hole photos, let alone the right to sell black hole photos for profit.
Some netizens dig into the history of the listed company, claiming that it has filed thousands of copyright lawsuits a year, averaging 15 cases a day, suspicious of using intellectual property protection and malicious lawsuits. Its litigation object is generally from the media industry enterprises or individuals.
More netizens reported the website of the listed company, illegally using the portrait of public figures, as well as the picture of the national flag and emblem, and so on.
This is a big deal for the company. The company issued a notice saying that the regulatory authorities ordered the company’s website to be completely rectified and the website shut down during the rectification period.

This led to the opening and closing of the stock mark



et on April 12.
Is there any injustice? Not at all!
First of all, many scientific research achievements can not be patented, such as discovery theorems, new substances, treatment methods, new species and so on. Of course, the discovery of black holes is also the case.
There are also many research creators who are totally out of love for creativity and do not intend to apply for patents, such as Madame Curie and so on.
Of course, the above achievements belong to the wealth of all mankind, and anyone can use them reasonably. If these belong to all mankind’s wealth is stolen for their own, and then the use of intellectual property rights to ask others to pay money, or even malicious litigation, it is not only a serious moral problem, but also illegal.

Secondly, it is well known that the national flag and emblem can not be used for commercial purposes. I wonder if it is ignorance or fearlessness to claim copyright on the flag and emblem?
Of course, the most unfortunate is the shareholders who hold the company’s shares. They do nothing but lie down and eat and drop innocently, and when they stop falling, nobody knows. It may be considered that after the event has a clear result, the application for rights protection can be made.

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