Lai Qingde asked Ca上海419论坛 Yingjun to stop attacking and clarify the registration of non- “sneak attacks”

Lai Qingde asked Cai Yingjun to stop the attack. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)
Taiwan. com, China, April 14. According to Taiwan’s China Times, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) delayed the primary election of Taiwanese leaders in order to settle the Cai Lai dispute, which increased the risk of grass-roots cracking. Cai Yingying said yesterday (13) that the decision is to take more time to deal with the situation, to rally unity within the party, and to show that the greatest strength is cooperation, not competition. Regarding this, Lai Qingde, the former “chief executive” of the Taiwan authorities, clarified yesterday that he registered for the



primary election as a non- “sneak attack”, believing that only through the primary election can the party’s supporters be rallied, and demanded that Cai Yingjun stop the attack.
It is reported that when Lai Qingde attended the opening ceremony of Taijiang Cultural Center in Tainan 419论坛City yesterday, he said t上海419论坛hat when he上海419论坛 chose to partic419论坛ipate in the Party’s primary election, he knew that regardless of the Party’s primary election or future “general election”, he would encounter many difficulties. However, he would regard each difficulty as hardening and would not affect his determination because of the change of the Party’s Executive Council.
Aiming at Cai’s suggestion that the primary election should be cooperation rather than competition, Lai emphasized that only after a gentleman’s contest can the DPP’s decentralized support be re-united and cooperation within the party be strengthened. He reiterated his appeal to candidates to express publicly that “those who lose in future primaries should support those who win.” Lai also appealed to Cai Yingjun to stop attacking. He said that he did publicly support Cai Yingjun, but all of these happened before the “nine in one” election, after which the DPP was defeated and the grassroots communicated anxiety, which made him change his mind.
Lai mentioned that the cyber attack on him was consulted by Party members beforehand, he answered no, and then came out again. It was like “stealth attack”. He said that before the “legislator” by-election, no one in the party asked him whether he would stand for election at all. On the first day of the primary election, he candidates openly and openly. It was to make Cai Yingwen have psychological preparation before registration to avoid troubles, not to steal attacks.
Lai Geng said that both candidates should restrain their supporters from attacking each other, especially by using the cyber army to discredit each other. It is very unnecessary, “because we are comrades, not enemies.” If both candidates can do this, they believe that future unity is not a problem.

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