Wang Junkai’s running上海419论坛 photos were exposed after the hot search of Wangyuan, a thousand seals in Yishun.

Wang Junkai’s running photos were exposed after the hot search of Wangyuan, a thousand seals in Yishun.
Tfboys is absolutely the hottest men’s team now, although only three people, but has the strength to crush any men’s team. At the mention of “three small animals”, netizens can not help but be excited, whether they are in harmony, or their respective activities, will become the topic of discussion. Recently, although they did not fit together, they frequently searched for it. Yishuan Qianxi became a youth representative of Asia-Pacific region and attended the United Nations Youth Forum. Wang Yuan also went on the hot search today because of the new tin-paper hot model in I am the Creator. As the eldest brother, Wang Junkai, who has just taken a physical examination on campus, has also been exposed.

When I attended the United Nations Youth Forum a few days ago, Yi Shun thousand seals really ignited the whole network. It is a proud thing to see such an excellent four-character brother who can appear in that world-class conference and speak on behalf of youth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Watching the video at that time, Yi Shun Qianxi spoke in fluent English, not impatient, and all the voices from his four-character brother’s mouth were so beautiful. What’s more, it’s very refined. Everyone’s comments on it are also very worthy of recognition. They say one after another, “Yishuan thousand seals serve as a model for young people, speak out their aspirations and promote their vigor!” Looking at more and more excellent Yi Shun thousand seals, the hearts of netizens to give four-character brother points.

Wang Yuan is also a hot search on the scene today, and it also makes everybody warm-blooded, because the variety show “I am the Creator” is on the air, and the first spoiler is Wang Yuan’s new style. All along, Wang Yuan gives you the feeling that the smallest of the “three little ones” is the one that has been labeled “cute” from the beginning to the present. Although they can also wear suits, they are also milky.

But this new model is really amazing to everybody, ironing a now the most popular “tin paper ironing”, which is clearly the standard



of slag man, Wang Yuan has a handsome new height. Not only that, but also “steal” adult’s suit, a black suit seems to be three yards too big, the loose look is more charming, everyone said that Wang Yuan is no longer “source brother” now, but the darkness of the cool little brother!

In contrast, as the eldest brother in the team, Wang Junkai did not have any “big event” happened, but he was also photographed by his alumni when he returned to school for physical examination. Soon, the photos of Wang Junkai running appeared online. Because it is a make-up exam of 3000 meters, so there are no other students on the playground in the exam, Wang Junkai seems more prominent.

Wang Junkai in the photo is very athletic, wearing a white T-shirt, black sports pants, full of teenagers! Although wearing a black mask, it was found at first glance by netizens. But after watching, everybody was also very interested, indicating that we should not pay so much attention to Aidou’s private life, we should put our eyes on his works.

Although at the beginning of their debut, people did not think so much of them, probably because they were too young at that time. Over the past few years, the development and changes of the three youngsters have been particularly great, and they have become the love beans of many netizens. Every move will have super-high traffic. Nowadays, the three youngsters have beco上海419论坛me the idols in 上海419论坛the hearts o419论坛f countless people. They are growing up and beco419论坛ming excellent. I hope they can become better and better.

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