Within a day, the blue-green primary 上海419论坛camp turned the leaf squad leader: What about the bright willows and the heavy mountains and rivers? !

Wu Dunyi, chairman of the Kuomintang, finally figured out that he had no intention to run in 2020. He finally let go of the election. Many people may applaud Chairman Wu because he seems to have made the primaries of the Kuomintang 2020 clear. But after he said these words, only he knew what it was like in his heart. The monitor just wanted to sigh for him: I knew that, why did I start?

Wu Den-yih
The reason for applauding him is that if Wu Dunyi did not make a clear statement and chose 2020, the Kuomintang would still be mired in the palace struggle, and the slogan of “the strongest candidate” would still be a vague one. Now the biggest obstacle seems to have been removed. In the context of last year’s “nine-in-one” election victory, the “suns” of Blue Camp are eager to try, trying to pick the fruit of 2020. Wu Dunyi will naturally feel that the pendulum is finally placed on his side, how wise it was to let Korea Yo go to Kaohsiung. Therefore, although he has been reluctant to speak out verbally, he always hesitates to formulate the rules of the game, which makes it difficult for people to believe that he does not want to.
Until the meeting with Yo, Ju Lilun, Wang Jinping and Zhou Xiwei of Korea broke down one after another, and all sides jointly accused him of being a “player and referee”. Wu Dunyi’s imagination was shattered by more than half; and the recent whisper of “one peach kills three men” in the workshop directly pushed Wu Dunyi into a desperate situation. Either Buddha or demon. Now that the general situation has gone, it’s better to leave a beautiful historical position and make a decision. He has always been good at political actuarial, and choosing a role of “KING MAKER” for himself is the best outcome.
Next, whether it is Zhu Lilun who is retreating as an entrepreneur or Wang Jinping who is waiting for a price, he should conform to the situation and take the overall situation into consideration. He can only look at Korean Yo. Under the pressure of “all for the sake of winning the election”, the space of Korean Yo’s pushing becomes smaller and smaller. It seems that there is a dawn for the Kuomintang to return to power.
Contrary to the Kuomintang’s willows, the DPP plunged into the abyss of recovery on the same day. It is said that the Kuomintang is an expert in internal struggle and an expert in external struggle, while the Democratic Progressive Party is an expert in internal struggle and external struggle. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has always been on its way to the key point. The “royalists” who support Cai Yingwen and the “rebels” who support Lai Qingde have recently been fighting with each other. Before the Central Executive Committee on Wednesday, the “rebels” had the absolute advantage. Cai Yingwen seemed to have run out of water. There were even rumors that Cai Yingwen would leave the DPP. However, even if he did not know whether it was a false rumour or a true one, he still played a role, at least scaring all the DPP leaders out of a cold sweat. After all, if Cai Yingwen did not play today, where would they go if so many DPP people were in high positions, occupied fat positions and received high salaries?
So yesterday (10 days) the “China Executive Council” drama reversed greatly. Under Cai Ying’s strong pressure, the DPP Central Executive Council decided to postpone the primary election of the leader’s party. This will undoubtedly benefit Cai Ying, who is currently in a low voice. She will have enough time to raise the polls. Maybe she can also use some means to “coordinate” Lai Qingde directly.
The collective compromise made by the DPP leaders to Cai Yingwen once again confirms the old saying that “power is wine and poison”. At the beginning, Chen Shui-bian, who has lost his reputation, used his power to play the “four great kings” of Green Camp between the palms of his stocks. Today, Cai Ying, who has repeatedly been found out in public opinion polls, can still rely on his power to let the DPP insist on “no objection” to escort him.

The most ridiculous thing is the Democratic



Progressive Party Central Committee, the day before, the party chairman Zhuo Rongtai said that after the run-off of the primary election, it was not appropriate to make institutional changes; the day after, the Democratic Progressive Party Central Committee put forward proposals, and the nomination of leaders in 2020 was delayed.
Although the monitor hated Lai Qingde very much, the “Taiwan Independence Worker” said a sincere word indignantly after being teased by Cai Yingwen that the Democratic Progressive Party had denied its so-called “democratic value”. Therefore, the power-grabbing drama between the “support” of the power holders and the “biological” of the Taiwan Independence Fundamental Doctrine, which is strongly supported by the Taiwan Independence Fundamental Sect, should continue to repeat itself.
However, the Kuomintang’s Liu Yinhua-ming is 419论坛”everything上海419论坛 for victory”, 419论坛and the DPP’s mountains and rivers上海419论坛 are no more than “everything for power”. What about the people? Who care?!

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