The program group was busy finding doctors and was上海419论坛 followed by Wang Yuanlu’s talk circle.

Wang Yuan is a popular new generation idol. He is less than 20 years old. Weibo fans have reached an astonishing number of more than 72 million. There are so many loyal fans. Wang Yuan’s every move, every word and deed touches the hearts of fans.

Fans can watch Wang Yuan experience life in the countryside when the new issue of “Ha Ha Nong Fu” arrives. However, Wang Yuan was stung by bees when he recorded the variety show, which caused many fans who watched the show to worry.

In the program, Wang Yuanyang surpasses and Jin Han three people come to the place where beekeepers work to collect honey. Although bees are beneficial insects, they are also aggressive in the face of outsiders. The three stars have never been involved in relevant work at first arrival and do not have enough experience, so being stung has become an unavoidable thing.

At first, Wang Yuan stood by and watched Yang exceed the honey collector. He did not contact bees directly. But a naughty bee flew to his hand and stung him. Wang Yuan called softly to check his injury. Jin Han and bee farmers also noticed Wang Yuan’s injury. They planned to take some measures, but Wang Yuan d



eclined gently. The title of “Gang Ge” was not. White barking.

However, when Wang Yuan collected honey himself, another bee stung him. This time, Wang Yuan still wanted to put up with the past and said it was all right. But the staff of the program group obviously disagreed. They rushed to find a doctor to treat Wang Yuan’s wound, but it was later chalked up by Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuanman was s419论坛urprised and helpless when he s上海419论坛aw the doctor arriving. He said419论坛 it was unnecessary. In order to cal上海419论坛m the staff’s mood, Wang Yuan emphasized that he was OK in the disinfection process. In the final analysis, Wang Yuan didn’t want to bother the program group too much because of himself. In a few short sentences, he reflected his character. He would rather endure injuries than invigorate teachers. So far, Wang Yuan has a very good reputation. High popularity is not unreasonable.

There are many stars in the entertainment circle who have the bad habit of “Jiaoqi”. They cry and want to go home when they are wronged. They can’t wait to see a doctor when they suffer a little injury. It makes people feel speechless. What’s a little bit of professional ethics? Wang Yuan is young, but he has a mature mind. Some stars should learn more from him.

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