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Buying is not urgent, selling is not greedy, stop loss is not delayed, variety is not scattered. Dear friends, welcome to Xiayan for the people! ____________
Today’s market is not brilliant? Dangqi ileum, too exciting! The protagonist is the securities dealer, leading the way and overwhelming the market with his own strength. Why on earth is that? Why does the general optimism generally rise when it warms up?
I think it’s more difficult to guess. The securities dealer is just one of many waves. It’s not worth making a fuss. Especially, we have been steadfastly not optimistic about the future development prospects of securities firms, of course, does not mean that securities firms can not rise in the future, bull markets can rise.
In the past, it was abandoned because overdraft speculation was too fierce. Generally speaking, it was the role of a pioneer officer. After doing what it should do, the following market was not highly related to it. Every time in history, it was like this. So we think that the future of securities dealers is general. Where are the positive forces?
I remind my friends that today there are a lot of varieties that have pulled a long shadow line, but also with the index’s lower tail down. Influenced by the market, strong stocks appear in the shadow line, which points to the following is the non-stop surge. Today’s film line, tomorrow may be the rise and fall, do not always think that the shooting star of the film line is over, why?
In this atmosphere, is preparing to work hard upward, suddenly encounter the pressure of the market, throwing dishes like rain, the main force only to retreat, eat a belly of chips, and then work more enthusiastically. There were too many chips, because the main force took the initiative to attack, resulting in sudden changes in the weather. You say the main force is going to short the rain backhand next? Reaction is less rapid and passive acceptance is more likely.
Once the market stabilizes and there is no systemic risk, these varieties tend to rise more aggressively. So now the warehouse is still relatively light friends, to pull out today’s long shadow line varieties to do more research, maybe tomorrow a lot of ups and downs will be generated in this.
In addition, many friends feel wrong: “Lao Yan, is your favorite bank stocks, today a move to shield the main shipment.” It’s not a stretch index. It’s totally different from pulling bank stocks when the market was rescued. Why? In the process of index decline, bank stocks are passive defense, since there are so many sell-offs to buy.
The strength of early trading is that the few value depressions in this market are recognized by more funds. When you look at these data, you will feel that there is a treasure in it.
How to turn treasure into wealth? International integration. International convergence is the trend of the times. The average level of global P/E ratio of bank stocks is 15 times. The reason why we are so low is that we can’t make international valuation according to the original legend. Because many of our banks are not so transparent, we dare not give high valuation because of the influence of domestic banks in Hong Kong. But now it’s time to get in touch, transparent, and that’s a huge price difference.
At the same time, we have talked about a point of view before: foreign banks are all mixed operation, banking, securities business, insurance business, the full license is OK. At present, China is a separate operation. If we want to integrate and move towards mixed operation in the future, what do you think it means?
Banks can also buy and sell stocks, which is bad for brokers. Can you think about the probability that this will come true one day? If our banks don’t know how to compete in mixed operation, they will g



o out. Do people think you are not open enough? Will it be involved in the negotiation process? Including today’s abnormal stock market pressure of securities firms, what is the reason? I’m just putting forward a train of thought for you to think about.
If so, the pressure on securities firms will be even greater; if so, banks will rise. So anyway, banks are invincible. Stay in bank stocks, the first security, the second can have a dream, the most important thing is once the market is clear, we have to turn the stock into money, hit hard, minute things.
Today, I would like to remind you that since there is a hedging between index stocks, securities firms go down to the bank and insurance goes up, does it form a hedging? Does the hedge index have a big chance of going up and down? Without consistency in the short term, the index may be slightly moving, which is precisely when we are working.
Since the index doesn’t need to care about it, what are the key points of our action? In fact, the signal is getting stronger and stronger. During this period, bank shares can stand. I think the most dynamic thing is mergers and acquisitions. Once the suspension comes out of a restructuring, the good news comes out of a series of ups and downs.
The sparks can start a prairie fire, and I think we have insisted on this strategy. This April has a big harvest. One fist is in bank stocks, the other is in mergers and acquisitions, and the funds in bank stocks can be recovered at any time and invested in a new direction.
As for the focus of M&A and reorganization? In the past, I have told my friends some ideas, and we also have new discoveries. I also hope that my friends follow this train of thought carefully to find out that the black chicken turns into a phoenix, which can really bring the miracle of wealth!

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