The Kuomintang’s上海419论坛 gestation of direct recruitment of Korea Yo in 2020 responded

Korean Yo arrived in Los Angeles, and Korean fans who picked up flights at the airport went crazy. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)
Taiwan Net, China, April 14, according to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper” report, the KMT Taipei Municipal Assembly Party Group is preparing to co-sponsor proposals with other local parliaments, requesting the Party Central Committee to directly recruit Kaohsiung Mayor Korean Yo to run for 2020. Korean Yu responded by saying that he did not know about it until he had finished his speech at Stanford University and so on.
Ying Xiaowei, secretary-general of the Kuo



mintang Taipei Municipal Assembly, said on March 13 that the Kuomintang Taipei Municipal Assembly Party Group, in response to public opinion and in support of Wu Dunyi, chairman of the party, had made the上海419论坛 most promising candida419论坛tes become c419论坛ndidates for the “general election”. It was expected t上海419论坛hat a joint sponsorship and proposal would be made on July 17, requiring the Party Central Committee to directly recruit Korean Yo to participate in the election.
In a joint interview on the morning of Westtime 13, Koreayo was asked if the Kuomintang Standing Committee would propose a direct call for him to elect 2020 next week. He did not respond positively. According to reports, Korean Yo said, “I don’t know. Wait until I finish my two-day visit and the afternoon scientific and technological forum, and Stamford’s speech. I’ll concentrate on it before I finish it, okay?”
For the Taipei Municipal Assembly Kuomintang League to fire its first shot on the 17th, calling him to run for office, Korean Yo only said: “Good… Thank you!

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