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Thai Water Sprinkling Festival scene can not do three 爱上海things, or fines, imprisonment and other issues!

The annual Thai Songgan Festival is in full swing. Thai Bangkok people and international friends are playing water guns to celebrate the Sprinkling Festival and welcome the arrival of the Thai New Year. The atmosphere of joy is constantly permeating. Even the policemen responsible for security have not escaped the spray of water guns. However, […]

If you want to lose weight with half the effort, you can lose weight by mastering the “most violent” time of the day.

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, more and more people are joining the ranks of reducing fat, exercising, dieting, and setting goals for themselves, especially for many women, who have begun to fantasize about what kind of clothes they should wear after losing weight successfully. On the way to slim down, I believe that […]

The Kuomintang’s上海419论坛 gestation of direct recruitment of Korea Yo in 2020 responded

Korean Yo arrived in Los Angeles, and Korean fans who picked up flights at the airport went crazy. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper) Taiwan Net, China, April 14, according to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper” report, the KMT Taipei Municipal Assembly Party Group is preparing to co-sponsor proposals with other local parliaments, requesting the Party […]

上海419论坛After the second child, she finally got the chance. She was excited to leave home to shoot the film, but her husband cried.

With the popularity of “All Right”, Li Nian, known as Kuangtai, has returned to the public’s attention again. If the “seaweed” corner of “Narrow House” made Li Nian’s name known to the audience, then the “Julie” corner of “All Good” obviously made Li Nian’s name known to everyone, and let Li Nian usher in a […]

Vietnam’爱上海s largest telecommunications company will adopt 5G technology of “independent research and development”

Hanoi, Viettel, Vietnam’s largest telecom operator, plans to build a fifth-generation network using its core technology, a state-owned Vietnamese company that plans to launch ultra-high-speed wireless services by 2021. One of the company’s executives said that Vietnam has invested millions of dollars in developing 5G chips and is working to develop devices that use 5G […]

Teachers’professional titles are no longer subject to quota restrictions, as long as they meet the teaching age can be directly on!

No matter what is the most concerned about middle school teachers or university teachers, it is the title. Especially for University teachers, if you have a title, your salary will rise a lot first, and then your position in school will be different, for example, you are a lecturer and a professor affirm that other […]