To make a good knowledge reserve 上海419论坛for breeding scorpions, we need to know their dietary preferences and scientifically select feeding conditions.

Scorpion is a very popular special farming animal nowadays. Scorpion has high medicinal value. It can detoxify and dissipate heat after being used as medicine. It is a very rare good medicine. But in the general impression of most of us, scorpion is a highly poisonous animal. In fact, it is not so terrible. Scorpion is not very toxic to human beings. Generally speaking, if we are bitten by scorpion, only local swelling and pain will occur, but there is no very strong poisoning phenomenon. So we breeders need not worry too much about these problems. Next, Xiaobian will talk with you about the popular science of raising scorpions, what kind of food to feed, and some preferences for the usual diet of scorpions, if you are interested, then follow Xiaobian to see it together!

First of all, to find out what Scorpion needs to eat, we need to analyze its own nutrients. Scorpion is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, water and some trace elements, as well as vitamins. After we analyze these, we will also have a general understanding of what Scorpion needs to eat. Scorpion’s most important thing is to supplement protein, if the protein content is not enough, it will lead to physical dysfunction, over time will lead to low immunity, poor physical development and other problems, so we supplement protein is the first important.

In addition to protein, fat content is also important. Fat can help scorpions resist cold weather, and some of the fat-soluble vitamins necessary for survival also need to play a role in fat, so fat supplementation is also important, but too much fat content can also lead to some problems, such as the clumsiness of scorpions and limbs. Problems such as hypertrophy are also easy to occur. A certain amount of fat should be added.

Secondly, we need to supplement some necessary trace elements, minerals and vitamins, so that the development of the scorpion itself will also have great benefits. These nutrients can be mixed in the food or directly eat some nutrient-rich food, both of which are feasible.
After analyzing the micro components, we will analyze the feeding conditions at the macro level.
First of all, the scorpion’s vision is not very good, the scorpion’s eyes are growing in the abdomen, so it is not very sensitive to light and color. If the food can’t move, the Scorpion will probably not be found. This is also very harmful to its food, so we should give priority to living animals in feeding.

The second point is that the food eaten by scorpions should be nutrient-rich, high-protein and low-fat conditions, so as to ensure the he



alth of scorpions at least. There will be no diseases caused by eating disorders.
The third is 上海419论坛to eat more juicy food, because us上海419论坛ually scorpions do not drink water, so water as the419论坛 source of all things ne上海419论坛eds to be supplemented by food, otherwise, water shortage will cause a variety of diseases, bring us a lot of inevitable trouble.

The fourth is that Scorpions don’t like to eat, scorpions don’t like to eat hairy food, such as some caterpillars we usually feed, such as caterpillars and other scorpions are very disliked to eat, we can avoid these problems by daily feeding. In addition to caterpillars, scorpions do not like to eat food with special odor, we must do a good job in feeding food screening.

Through the introduction above, we can find out the most suitable food for scorpion, such as Tenebrio molitor, which is the favorite food for scorpion farmers. Tenebrio molitor is rich in nutrients and is very suitable for feeding. In addition to Tenebrio molitor, other insects in nature, such as Tenebrio molitor and Tuyuan, can also be used as feed for scorpions.

I hope you can read some of the above explanations in Xiaobian, and thoroughly understand the food that needs to be fed and the characteristics of food. In a word, we should feed some live food without special odor when we feed scorpions, and the nutritional composition of food is also very high. Only when we strictly control the food, can we breed more scorpions. Well, it will bring more economic benefits to our farms and promote sustainable development.

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