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Five provinces and municipalities will go online with the 上海419论坛number transfer network, but it may take until 2020 to use it.

After a long wait, new progress has finally been made in “carrying number to network”. According to Voice of China News and Newspaper Abstracts, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently said that, from December 1, a new “number-carrying transfer” process was officially launched in five pilot provinces and cities in Tianjin, Hubei, […]

Durex and Happy Tea Joint Advertisement “Overturn” Happy Tea to 上海419论坛apologize

Durex and Happy Tea Joint Advertisement “Overturn” Happy TOn April 19, Durex interacted with many brands to publish joint advertisements. The contents of “cheese taste on the lips” and “no drop left tonight” in the text caused discontent among netizens and once appeared on the microblog hot search list. Durex quickly changed the text, Xicha […]

Foreign Media: Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia shot hi上海419论坛mself into a coma

Overseas Network, April 17, according to Agence France-Presse, Russian Satellite News Agency and other foreign media reported on the 17th, local time Wednesday (16), former Peruvian President Alan Garcia shot himself at his home in Lima, was arrested by court on suspicion of a corruption case. Reported that according to local television reports, Alan Garcia […]

Stratolaunch, the world’爱上海s largest twin-fuselage aircraft, completed its first flight

Stratolaunch, the world’s largest wingspan aircraft and the world’s largest composite aircraft, completed its first flight on Saturday. At 6:58 a.m. Pacific Summer Time on Saturday, Stratolaunch, a two-fuselage design, took off from Mojave Airport Base in California and flew over the Mojave Desert for two and a half hours. The flight marked the next […]

S上海419论坛ong Zhongji’s opera crew was reported to have worked overtime, and netizens expressed their distress. The opera crew caused trouble to the stars.

Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao have been recognized and appreciated by the outside world since their marriage. However, after only a short period of sweetness, the news of their marriage has been heard frequently from the outside world. Song Zhongji, who has repeatedly denied and clarified the news, seems helpless. However, the voice of their […]

Jiang Chao married Madina, the concubine of Xiangfei? The woman is pregnant, and the man on上海419论坛ce said Ai Yang Fang wanted to kiss her on the mouth.

On April 11, netizens reported that a new reality TV show named “New Life Diary” was launched. The program group intends to invite Mr. and Mrs. Anyixuan (mid-pregnancy), Mrs. Li Ai (late pregnancy) and Mrs. Jiang Chao (late pregnancy). In this list, Jiang Chao’s name succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention. Netizens called directly: What’s the […]

Qualcomm has released Cloud AI 100, a 7-nanometer special-purpose AI chip, with 10 times the performance of the rolling industry.

Qualcomm has announced a dedicated AI processor Cloud AI 100, which uses a 7Nm process and performs more than 10 times better than the most advanced AI reasoning solutions in the industry. At the annual Qualcomm AI Day conference held in San Francisco yesterday, Qualcomm released three new system chips for smartphones, tablets and other […]